'the moon is high' et 'the same quiet'

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'the moon is high' et 'the same quiet'

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I have just added two more songs to the Snocap store, "the moon is high" and "the same quiet". I have been working on a new hard drive, and so didn’t have access to some of the very early Lotte material until i plugged it in today.

Information about the songs:
These are both recorded and mixed at home with no mastering, so they are considered "demos", but i think the volume is pretty good.

"the moon is high": sarah musi layed down the piano part as a sort of irish folk/music box loop that i worked on top of. it was one of the first things i was working on for china mountain, but ended up not thinking it was right. plus some of my files for this one were lost, and the whole last chorus disappeared. which works fine for a b-side version.

"the same quiet" is the original song that ended up leading to "face shape". i laid these tracks down with the intention of it being a trespassers william song, but the band had trouble coming up with parts for such a major key 6/8 song (typical anna-lynne) so i slowed it down and wrote a brand new chorus and retracked everything and it became "face shape". "the same quiet" is the original acoustic version, with a completely different chorus. the lyrics in this chorus were inspired by some things i read in a gang gang dance interview.

"china mountain" is on its way.... i will be selling it in april. some time. in april.

"The moon is high" est en écoute et personnellement, j'adore :love:

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